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1 Month

Our most common option.

You can use GO:SX for 1 month with all benefits.

9,90 €

3 Month

Our option for not letting you think about rebuying for 3 months.

You save 17% compared to buying a monthly subscription.

24,90 €

6 Month

6 months not rebuying. Our most saving timed subscription.

You save 27% compared to buying every month

44,90 €


Lifetime is our long-term solution.

Lifetime benefits:
- Closed Beta access
- Extra discord rank
- Never rebuy
- All future developments

79,90 €
58 of 100 slots available



GO:SX is the leading cheat software for macOS on the market as of now.
The goal of the Hack is to cheat in the most legit way.


All settings can by changed through the in-game menu.
There are more then One-Hundred Settings to adjust and fit your needs.

Show main features
  • Stream-Proof Visuals
  • Fully customizeable Aimbot
  • Skinchanger
  • Spectator List
  • Backtracking
  • Custom Radar
  • Bomb-Timer
  • Glovechanger
  • Ingame Menu
  • Overwatch Player Reveal
  • Bunnyhop
  • ESP
  • Chams (player, weapons, arms)
  • Glow (Player, weapons, bomb and grenades)
  • Knifebot
  • No-Scope
  • GrenadeHelper
  • Spectator List
  • * and many more ...

macOS App

The GO:SX Injecter

Why messing around with Terminal and so much files?
Just download the GO:SX Injecter, authenticate, inject the hack and have some fun.

Now supports MacOS Mojave!!!

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Customer Reviews


Posted on

This amazing piece of software has the nicest interface bonded with the most featured and dedicated creators behind it. I recommend this cheat so much that words cant and dont express it.

Posted on

GO:SX is an amazing cheat tool with tonnes of features. Most glitches and issues are patched not long after they're reported. Nearly everything in GO:SX is highly customisable, such as the aimbot and visuals. Sure it's quite pricy, but it's most definitely worth it if you want a reliable and often updated cheat.

Posted on

Been using this cheat for over two years now and I really like how its the best mac cheat out there but sadly its my time to stop cheating and play more legit :( keep up the good work!!

Posted on

When I first purchased GOSX it was priced under 10€
now it's like 12,50€??!

In the past it often keeps crashing, but nowadays it's working great.
Lately I missed the RAGE module, please add it back into the client.

Although of it's pricepoint it has very good features for mac and I like to play with it !

Posted on

For this price I could never ask for a better cheat, I've been using GOSX for a bit now, and I absolutely love it! The interface looks really clean, and the cheat does what it has to do. 11/10 for me.

Posted on

Didn't really like GO:SX until I tried it, its actually pretty nice and I kinda regret what I said a while ago. A bit pricy in my opinion, was gonna buy lifetime and instead bought a 1 month. Peformance is nice, only problems are sometimes crashing and fps dropping. The menu looks very nice, it looks a lot better then other cheat menus. Features are great too, since theres a variety and each of them work well, so no problems there.

Posted on

Overall an incredible cheat, it runs so well and has some great features, it could have some extra MINOR features but at the moment it has perfected the basics and got some advance features, eg grenade prediction, and overwatch reveal. 10/10 would recommend this cheat to EVERY Mac user who wants to have a great and stress-free time cheating.
Ps. As of now (11/7/18) I'm getting hyped for rage as it should be coming very soon.

Posted on

The tool is as powerful as it's community. Great features and support, the clear and compact menu also great stability. Fastest fixes (even before PC tools does) and great service for the price. The best advantage tool for CS:GO in OSX without any doubt.

Posted on

Amazing cheat.
Has mostly all the features you'd want. The design is unique and really easy to understand. It's organised unlike other ones.