About GO:SX

GO:SX was founded in 2016 by Andre "aKalisch" Kalisch.

The main goal by its developers was to create a Counter-Strike Global Offensive cheat for macOS the should be one of the best for that openrating system.

Starting of with some contributes to csgoGlow (a simple glow hack for macOS) the first open-source project by GO:SX was released at github as an external cheat.

When internal cheats for CS:GO on macOS made possible by ViKiNg GO:SX started raising up.

The first free Hack (non-open-source) was released with some minimal and basic features. Later that year GO:SX released its first paid Hack called GO:SX Pro. The features and GUI compared to the free version where way more advanced. The most features built the base for the latest Version GO:SX.

GO:SX competed against many other macOS hacks that died by the time and updates. But GO:SX is still here. More advanced and user-friendly than it was ever before. GO:SX will also stay as a CS:GO macOS Hack as long as possible!