Troubleshooting - FAQs

  1. My game freezes during map load.

    This most likely happens when your macOS version is not uptodate.

    Make sure you are atleast on macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) or newer.

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  2. What are the minimum system requirements?

    Minimum requirements:

    • MacOS Sierra (10.13.x) and higher
    • i5 CPU or better
    • 8 GB Ram
    • Intel Iris graphics or better
    • ~10 mb Disk-Space

    Optimal requirements:

    • MacOS Mojave (10.14.x)
    • 16 GB of Ram
    • Intel i7 CPU
    • Intel Iris Pro graphics or better
    • ~10 mb Disk-Space


    **Note: The expierence may vary due to running background processes and tasks.

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  3. My Injector does not open after the last Update?!

    Due to the fact I'm not a certified apple developer your Gatekeeper block the "GOSX-Injecter". You need to add an exception to run the GO:SX Injector.

    You need to either "Right-click -> Open" or go to "System Preferences -> Security" and click on "Open GOSX-Injecter".

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